New Construction

Aston Property Inspection now offers a new construction inspection service. This type of inspection is fundamentally different from a full house inspection. We look for evidence of poor workmanship, improper grading, poor insulation, and unfinished items, as well as many other potential defects.

Buyers of newly constructed homes are often unaware that they have an inspection clause included with their new home contract – in other words, buyers can infringe their home warranty if they fail to have the property inspected. The fact is that any buyer of a brand new home will greatly benefit from having the property checked out by a professional inspector after construction is complete. Aston Property Inspection is experienced in the comprehensive evaluation of newly constructed properties, including the plumbing, electrical & heating systems, roof, built-in appliances, fireplace, compliance with the latest safety standards, general quality of materials, standards of workmanship, and much more.

Buyers often ask: "Why does my newly constructed home need an inspection?" or "Isn't a newly constructed home in perfect, safe condition?" Other folks assume that the builder and sub-contractors are overseen by state or local government officials and that the local town or city building inspector checks the house out. This can be the case, but it is not always so.

Often the builder or developer will state that the home has been built to “code” and that it was inspected at different stages and signed off by the local jurisdiction. However, building codes are frequently rather minimum – in other words, while the primary intent of building codes is to provide reasonable controls for the construction, use and occupancy of buildings, the builder is only required to meet minimal standards. In is a fact that you may want higher standards applied to your dream house.

It is also an unfortunate fact that with the hectic pace of construction many city building department inspectors are frequently overworked, with the result that they spend a minimal amount of time inspecting properties, and are not at all concerned with the quality of workmanship. Finally, many problems associated with newly constructed homes are not necessarily violations of building code, and therefore go unreported.

Aston Property Inspection is experienced in the inspection of new construction, and can help you identify or eliminate all of the problems you may face in the purchase of a newly constructed home. Please contact us for more information This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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