Pre-Listing Check

Aston Property Inspection's Pre-Listing Check is a service offered to home sellers and listing realtors.  Aston Property Inspection will help you maximize your selling price, and reduce your listing and transaction by inspecting EIGHT major systems within the home prior to listing. This gives you both peace of mind, since you know your property will not reveal any hidden defects which might ultimately prevent a purchase.

Why have a Pre-Listing Check ?  It has been our experience that when properties have been subjected to Aston Property Inspection's Pre-Listing Check service, the standard buyers inspection later on in the sale process has almost always been eliminated. Scheduling a home inspection at the beginning of the selling process of a home, instead of near the end, expedites and makes the whole transaction of buying a home a much easier experience for all.

In addition our Pre-Listing Check assists the seller by advising of the exact condition of the property.  If repairs are necessary, they can be made in advance of the sale.  This will increase the price the seller will be able to command, while enhancing the property’s desirability.  Sellers will generally benefit from a shorter period of sale in addition to an higher sale price.

Furthermore, a professional Pre-Sale Inspection Report is a great sales tool. It sets your property apart from the thousands of others on the market, and shows that you a committed to obtaining a fair price for your property. The more information available to prospective buyers, the more thought they will generally give to purchasing your property.

The EIGHT major systems we check:

  • Foundations
  • Exterior, including siding & trim
  • Roof structure & covering
  • Drainage including gutters & downspouts
  • Central heating & air conditioning systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Water heater
  • Electrical systems




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